Money Clips

New for 2020

Money Clips – We’ve improved on the traditional money clip

Money clips had five drawbacks</strong

1) large Die Charge (up to $500)

2) orders took 6-12 weeks

3) large minimum quantities

4) any change in design required another die charge

5) colors are limited and printed on paper and covered by an acrylic dome

What makes ours different.

For the first time, we can achieve minute details in artwork. The UV process allows re-creation of your logo in full color with a raised feel to it

instead of the traditional border walls of metal around each color with limited detail.  These money clips have the option of being personalized or even serialized (numerical counting)

We started with a spring loaded back (called “peanut” clips)

1) Large Die Charge – We don’t have one. If your artwork is low resolution we may charge an art fee.

2) Orders take 6-12 weeks – Not here – 2 weeks after you approve the layout

3) Large Minimum Quantities – Not us – our Minimum order is $100.0. Our minimum qty starts at 10 pieces, but you can get as few as 1. 

4) Change in Design requires another Die Charge – Nope. We can personalize each individual money clip for you

5) Colors are limited to a few and if you need more, it’s printed on paper under an acrylic dome.   

We can PMS match your art, unlimited colors and the coolest part, our process is UV welded to your money clip which gives your a raised textured feel. 

COLORS: (metal like finishes in bold)

  Bronze – Brushed
  Chocolate Brown
  Gold – Satin
  Gold – Brushed
  Silver – Brushed
  Silver – Matte  
  Silver – Trophy (shiny)


With our money clips you have a 1.75″ x 1.25″ blank canvas to work with.  Leave  at least 1/16″ of space

around the outside. We can accept artwork that is a minimum of 300dpi x 300dpi in many formats. (.eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .png)

If you are sending a .tif, .bmp, .jpg or .png make sure to check “TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND” in your software.   If you need

PMS color matching,  vectored art is a must.   

Imprint Process

Choice of UV Color (Raised, Full Color)  or Laser Engraved (1 color)


  • Std. – Poly Bag
  • Optional – Felt Pouch – choice of Red or Black
  • Optional – Drawstring Felt Pouch – very nice 
  • Additional Charges
  • Die Charge     -0-
  • Setup Charge -0-
  • Art Charge:  possible if we have to take more than a few minutes to clean up what you send us.
  • Most of this product is Made in USA. (assembled, machines, labor)

Pricing (MSRP)

 Qty:           1            10           50          100          250        

 Prc:       $50      $14.00   $12.00   $11.00   $10.00    


  • Personalization – $3 ea
  • Deluxe Drawstring Felt Pouch – $1.00
  • For quantities greater than 250 pieces please email [email protected]
  • For quantities 5,000-50,000 please allow extra time for delivery (quoted on case by case basis)