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Originally designed from a Cigar Box, these Rosewood presentation cases feature the LASD logo lasered and color filled in Gold on the cover (in the stock version) with a variety of options. We have a large selection of pre-cut insert frames for Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig- Sauer, FN, H&K and Beretta. We also offer a larger size case for those extended barrel or collector handguns.  For those wanting something smaller, we have a small case for Badges or Challenge coins. 


Gun Box (click here to purchase)



Two Models:  Basic and Custom
Two Sizes:  12” and 16”

For the Basic, we start with your choice of 12” or 16” tall piece of natural  Alder hardwood and laser cut into the shape of the LASD Star.  The Sheriff’s star is so detailed, you can even feel “Hair on the Bear”.  Then we add ready to hang clock movements and test it for 24 hours before shipping.

For the Custom, we start with the Basic and add a slightly larger piece of Law Enforcement Blue or Green Acrylic. For options, you can add a “Rank Ribbon Panel” above the word “Sheriff” and/or replace the 4 stars at the bottom with your ID number. We’ve designed the Rank and ID areas with inserts so when 
your rank changes, you can update your clock for a nominal charge $15. 

If you would like to combine your challenge coin collection to your clock, simply supply the diameter and quantity of your coins and we’ll design a custom panel to hold your collection. (quoted)

Clocks - Two Options (Click here to order)



This box has been very popular with Sworn and Non-Sworn personnel. It’s made of natural Alder hardwood and ant approximately 10” x 5”, is designed to hold, wallets, keys, badges, jewelry and other daily use items. Great for your desk or bathroom counter.  Comes stock with the LASD logo dead center on the top and can be customized with
your Department/District/Personal  information to the right.

Keepsake Box (click here to order)


If after receiving your STOCK LASD item, you are not satisfied, please return it in re-sellable condition for a refund within 10 days after you get it. Upon verification the returned items is in re-sellable condition, a prompt refund will be issued.  If we customized your Clock, Keepsake  or Gun Box, we reserve the right to refuse the refund if we can not re-sell the item.  Personalizing your Clock, Keepsake or Gun Box with names, badge numbes, rank, etc.  renders it un-sellable to another party thereby no refund can be issued.   If your item arrives damaged in shipping we will either replace or repair at our expense. 



Please email us at dbdragonlazer@gmail.com for volume pricing or government contract pricing






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